Pretorius Wealth


Secure and productive investments

Over many years, Andreas has been an invaluable adviser on all financial matters and investments. He initially advised my late husband, and has subsequently guided me through the complexities of the handling of my inheritances, following two bereavements. He always responds to any questions and problems with expert knowledge, sensitivity, and with good humour.

I am confident that my investments are both secure and productive, both now and in the future, and I am sincerely grateful for all his help and guidance.

Mrs A Bagnall – Hampshire UK

Meeting short, medium and long term lifestyle objectives

Andreas has been providing us with financial advice for over 10 years. During this period, he has worked with us, taking the time to fully understand our family’s short, medium and long term lifestyle objectives. He has effectively structured a portfolio of investments to meet our income requirements, enabling us to confidently enter retirement on a secure financial footing. During this same period, we confidently asked Andreas to take on a complicated trust investment portfolio that he was able to structure successfully to provide income in excess of that required to support the trust beneficiary.

Previously we had worked with a number of financial advisors, but it was only Andreas who worked through all our requirements to provide a range of investments that we felt were managed holistically toward our goals. We wholeheartedly recommend Andreas as a financial adviser.

Mr and Mrs H, Oxfordshire UK

Honesty, integrity, selflessness

I was introduced to Andreas as a result of his support and guidance over many years to other members of my immediate family. They couldn’t speak highly enough about him, both as a person and as a professional advisor.

On meeting with Andreas and through subsequent get togethers, very quickly a mutual respect, trust and empathetic relationship was established. The qualities that Andreas would bring to our relationship were quickly evident to me. Importantly, honesty, integrity, selflessness and an ability to exercise good judgement, as well as sensitivity, in leading conversations that would open two-way discussion on issues that previously had remained unexplored.

His ability to think strategically as well as tactically was also clearly demonstrated and valued by me. Finally, his ability to not feel that he had to be the one to always have the answer (and therefore artificially force the conversations) or that there is always a “right” answer to every issues and/or challenge that involved a complex personal lifestyle and emotional context was a demonstration of his high level emotional intelligence. In summary, Andreas proved to be the right person at the right time for both me and my family.

Having owned a property in Portugal and the Algarve since 2007 and spending a considerable amount of time there, Andreas’s decision to relocate to Portugal has enabled us to continue our relationship. Specifically, to be able once again to call upon his expertise to help guide both our thinking, current affairs and future plans with respect to Portugal.

Needless to say, I would have no hesitation in recommending Andreas to others who are looking for professional support of a similar nature.

Mr and Mrs Walker, Sussex UK

Helped us reduce future tax commitments

Andreas has over many years guided our family to reduce future tax commitments whilst at the same time becoming a great friend. He explains concepts and details in a way that everyone can understand and is always first to have important information that may impact future decisions. Andreas deals with the unique circumstances around each family in order to tailor suitable financial planning strategies.

As a family we are now in a great situation with regards my father’s estate which means we do not have to worry about any hidden future tax liabilities having already reduced them to the max. Andreas is an amazing person and expert in his field. I could not more highly recommend Andreas to anyone requiring a financial planner.

Mr A Powell, Surrey UK

All aspects of financial advice from critical illness cover to managing our investment portfolio

I would like to confirm myself and my wife engaged with Andreas as our financial advisor for over 10 years.

During this period Andreas successfully managed our finances and advised on all aspects from critical illness cover to managing our investment portfolio. Andreas was always available to either meet face to face (evening, weekends) and was always happy to discuss any topics on the phone. I would highly recommend his services.

Mr M Booker, Hampshire UK